APEX Stowaway Detection is owned and operated by Patick Mooney, who himself has many years experience working with and training police dogs and is therefore very and familiar with which training methods are effective in the search and location of stowaways. Since 2001 Patrick has specialised solely in the detection and removal of stowaways from ships in South African ports. Patrick has also worked to ensure that all team members, including their canine companions, have received and will continue to receive the correct training for their field of work.

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In an attempt to help curb the problem of stowaways, APEX Stowaway Detection offers a highly professional stowaway detection service second to none, striving to bring excellence to this field. South Africa has seen an enormous influx of foreign refugees in recent years. As a result of the poor economic climate in South Africa, these refugees then attempt to leave the country on shipping vessels, in search of better prospects abroad, creating a significant risk to shipping owners. Our teams, based in Durban, Richards Bay, Cape Town, Saldanha Bay and Port Elizabeth have many years experience in stowaway detection and have tried, tested and perfected methods of locating stowaways with the use of dogs. APEX Stowaway Detection is a Registered Security Service Provider in terms of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. PSIRA 1881743